For the last 25 years, Computerama has been serving Funeral Home businesses by providing managed services and emergency support. Not only do we maintain your computers but we actively look into newer technologies to improve your daily interactions with computers.

To make sure you have pleasant daily interactions with your computers, we offer a 24/7 monitoring service to find problems before they happen. Along with this monitoring service, we have a backup service that can scale to your needs and allows for a disaster to not be so disastrous.

While talking about disasters, we offer around the clock phone support and even on site emergency support, if necessary. Generally our phone support team gets back to you within two hours or sooner.

We try to partner with companies that offer products that make life easier. We are also an authorized service provider for MIMS and other similar management systems. All these products that we offer are just to make your bottom line increase along with the hassle of using computers, that’s why we offer this "Hassle-Free Computer Service".